Happy New Year!

For me, the change in the digits of the calendar year is less significant than the month of September. While I recognize that January is typically the time for renewal and affirmations, September seems to be the time when things really get renewed and become actionable.

This September is especially significant for me as it begins with the re-launch of JAd’E Communications Ltd., a business I started back in 1997. So let me begin my “new Year” by thanking:

  • Cindy Green of CG Graphic Design & Event Management for designing the logo that captures the corporate name and adds just the right amount of fun
  • Catherine Willems of Crimson Leaf Studios for making the website look good and stretching my comfort level as it was built
  • Paul Lawrence of Paul Lawrence Photography for taking some great photos that make me look professional and approachable
  • My “review board” of trusted colleagues and friends who gave me honest and fair feedback along the way – Elizabeth Ivory, Paul Felstein, Michelle Hunt, Stephanie Barnes, and Bonnie Gross
  • The wonderful people who provided testimonials that made me proud – Joan Turner, Joan MacKenzie Davies, Jeff Ansell, Susan Hallsworth, Fabrice de Dongo, and Trina Lambe.

There is still lots to do, including tinkering with the site, building a solid social media presence effectively and efficiently. JAd’E Communications has already been rewarding, thanks to the support I have received. Going forward I will measure my success by being able to answer “yes” to each of these questions:

  • Am I working with the clients I want to work with?
  • Is my work with my clients having an impact on their businesses?
  • Am I learning enough/paying attention to my professional development?
  • Are my business objectives still relevant to me?
  • Is my client pipeline full?
  • Is my revenue forecast on track?
  • Am I happy?
  • Am I taking care of myself?

It’s been a great new beginning and I am feeling confident already.